The In-School Holiday Shopping Program That's Fun for Everyone!

Students love it...

For many children, this may be the first time they experience the thrill of picking out their own gifts for family and friends.

Parents love it...

During the busy holiday season, parents can rest assured that their children will shop in a safe, non-commercial setting.

Teachers love it...

Your faculty can teach their students about budgeting and spending wisely, and emphasize the joy of giving.

Administrators really love it...

The Gingerbread Shop is a popular family service that's risk-free and easy-to-run.

Go Shopping with the Gingerbread Kids!

Top Quality

The Gingerbread Shop offers only top quality merchandise priced right for kids. Many of the gifts were designed by parents, teachers and students. There's something here for everyone!


The parents of the students at your school will really appreciate the help during such a busy time of year!


With the help of parents and teachers, students can learn the value of money and how to spend it wisely.


Children shop under adult supervision in a safe indoor environment. Volunteers help out, but never pressure kids to buy.


The Gingerbread Shop is a great opportunity to bring a high quality, risk-free program to your school!

For Mom & Dad

For Grandma & Grandpa

For Brothers, Sisters & Friends

Products shown are examples of product groupings. Actual products will vary.

The Gingerbread Shop features over 100 different high quality gift items priced within a child's budget from pocket change to $10.00, with most gifts priced $3 to $6. You'll find something here for everyone on a child's list: Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and special friends.

The Gingerbread Shop was developed by listening to the needs and past experience of school administrators, teachers and parents. The result is an in-school shopping program that is simple and straightforward: everything you need to run a successful Gingerbread Shop is included - all you do is sign up volunteers!

Best of all, The Gingerbread Shop is RISK-FREE: it won't cost your school a penny...there are no freight charges or hidden pay only for the merchandise you sell...and everyone enjoys the holiday spirit!

Hosting a successful Gingerbread Shop is as easy as 1-2-3 !

1. Sign Up

* Choose the dates when the shop will be open (most run Tuesday through Thursday)

* Use The Gingerbread Shop Promotional Kit to recruit volunteers and advertise dates for the store.

* Send home information flyers for parents.

2. Set Up

* We'll send you a large inventory of over 100 different gift items

* The night before, volunteers set up The Gingerbread Shop in the gym, cafeteria, library or classroom

* Children bring home a budget envelope the night before their turn to shop

* Parents and children decide on a budget for each person on the list

3. Shop

* Assisted by teachers and volunteers, children shop in small groups

* When it's all over, we'll arrange to pick up any unsold merchandise

* You pay only for the items you sell!

The Gingerbread Shop provides everything you need!


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The Gingerbread Shop The Gingerbread Shop
The Gingerbread Shop The Gingerbread Shop
The Gingerbread Shop

The Gingerbread Shop

Contact us for further information.  1-888-894-1130